Integral Blinds - Fully Featured & Fully Symmetrical

HITECH BLINDS BY INTEGRAL BLINDS LTDTo understand why our wandless & cordless integral sealed unit blinds are such an ideal innovative product for homes, offices, academic buildings or clinical environments we ought to first remind ourselves about the issues with conventional blinds.

The issues with conventional blinds

Venetian blinds, roller blinds, pleated blinds and vertical blinds were always a great idea but for some pretty obvious problems.

  • They gathered dust and dirt and regularly needed cleaning especially in the kitchen or bathrooms or dusty offices full of IT Equipment.
  • They flapped around and made a noise even in a slight breeze if the window was left open, and lets face it... from time to time we like to open our windows and let fresh air in.
  • Conventional blinds get damaged easily especially with children in the home or in an academic building. Even in many office buildings, conventional blinds do not last and gradually they become tatty in a seemingly never ending downward spiral of disarray.
  • Conventional blinds can be a fire or safety hazard. Each year corded blinds cause fatalities involving small or very young children.
  • Certain types of blinds take away much loved window sill space as they need room to lower or to rotate.

The fluid functionality and Snagless operation that makes our Integral blinds so good

integral blinds by the brand leader in integral sealed unit blindsPrimarily, it is the quality materials and robust mechanism that has been rigorously tested and put through the most demanding and stringent of paces. Using steel means that the product is durable to wear and tear strong enough to remain rigid whilst enjoying the accolade of being the slimmest and most visually pleasing integrated blind system on the world market today.

Our well designed ladder system using special coated materials ensures a truly snagless and fluid movement of our integral blinds whether you are raising and lowering the blind or tilting.

See Integral Blinds video 1.

Cordless, Child safe and fire safe Integral Blinds

Because our premiere integral blinds system operates by use of very cleverly designed magnets we can offer you a blinds system for your windows that are not only child safe but also much more aesthetically pleasing to look at without all those old cords hanging down from each and every sash.

Sounds much nicer, we are sure you will agree.

Manufactured inside double glazed sealed units.

Our integral blinds are available in a choice of double glazed sealed units including with toughened safety glass as well as of course low emissivity glazing as well as FD30, FD30-30, FD60 FD60-60 fire rated and various acoustic glass up to and over 50db (Rw).