When the phone rings at Integral Blinds Ltd these are the questions we are frequently asked.

  1. Do you supply integral blinds? This is the top question... the answer is yes we do. They are also called integrated blinds, interstitial blinds (pronounced 'inter sty shall') sealed unit blinds, between glass blinds.

  2. Do you supply just the blinds that are inside the glass or do you supply the entire thing... the blinds with the glass. We supply the entire integral blind sealed unit... either as double glazed or as triple glazed containing the integral blind.

  3. What is your lead time? Lead times fluctuate but typically 15 to 28 working days subject to prompt payment and quality control but we currently advise you to try to cover yourself by allowing 6 to 12 working weeks if you can. A fast tracking option is available. Our Lead time for frames is typically 72 hrs from when we get the manufacturing sizes. (Yes you did read that right... we supply bifold doors and windows that can be delivered within 3 days of order.)

  4. Do you also supply the cord or wand type integral blinds... rather than your new vertical sliding magnet operated type? Yes we supply many types of manually controlled integral blinds including, rotational dial, knob controlled, cord and wand controlled. We also supply automated remote controlled and app controlled integral blinds.

  5. Where are you based? Do you deliver to where we are? We are based at Units B3 & B4 Loades Eco Parc, Black Horse Road, Exhall, CV7 9FW off J3 of M6 but we cover the whole UK and Ireland. With our delivery fleet we deliver throughout the UK seven days a week. We deliver to Scotland and the Irish Republic on Saturdays.(All visitors must make a prior appointment and must wear face masks)

  6. Do you supply frames as well as the integral blind sealed units.? Yes we supply a great many frames each week. Including high quality Aluminium Bifold doors, French doors and windows in very large colour choices inc dual colour. Our preferred frame system carries up to a 20yr warranty and can be delivered to you usually within 72 hours of us getting manufacturing sizes.

  7. Do you provide an installation service? Yes we provide installation if required. Our installers are FENSA or Certas registered and fully conversant with installation into all types of doors and windows including into Bifold Doors. If you require us to install then we would usually carry out a detailed survey also.

  8. Do your blinds work OK in Bifold Doors? Yes they work great in bifold doors and in fact are not only the best between glass blinds on the market for use with Bifolds being cordless & wandless with very rapid to raise and lower but also are the only integral blinds fully optimised for use with bifold doors.

  9. Do you supply integral blinds inside Fire rated or acoustic glass? Yes we do... in fact we are regarded and the suppliers of choice for many Hospital constructors and health care trusts where use of fire rated integral blind sealed units is routine. We supply with fire rated glass to FD30, 30/30 FD60 and 60/60. We also supply acoustic glass in our integral blind sealed units up to 50db (Rw).

  10. Do you supply black blinds or anthracite coloured integral blinds...? yes we do... in fact we supply our SwiftGlide integral blind system in fade resistant Jet black and metallic anthracite which are totally unique to us.

  11. What is your guarantee? A full 15 yrs on both the integrity of the unit as well as the blind system itself when ordered with our fully dressed perimeter option.

    This is something we are very proud to offer as it is industry beating in its scope as no one else offers more than a 10 year warranty that usually comes with caveats, exclusions and diminishing cover.

    Call us now for full details of our industry beating warranty and the peace of mind it offers.

  12. We want only Full Symmetrical Integral Blinds as we need them to look balanced as they are side by side in windows /bifold doors / sliding doors... are your Between Glass Blinds system fully symmetrical? Our SwiftGlide integral blinds are the only fully symmetrical fully featured between glass blinds available in the UK. And they are only made by us in our factory.

  13. Your SwiftGlide system has many unique features that are neither available from anyone else or on any other integral blinds. One of them we note is your Enhanced SwiftGlide Controller. What does it do? The Enhanced SwiftGlide controller is our own highly calibrated mechanism dramatically improves the function and operation of the blind.

  14. Your SwiftGlide system has many unique features that are neither available from anyone else or on any other integral blinds. One of them is your MagStops. What do your MagStops do? Our Magstops set the upper and lower limits of travel for our magnet controls that glide over the surface of the glass at the left hand and right hand edges of the between glass blinds integral blind units. They also act as a visual prompt as to which control tilts the blinds and which ones raises and lowers the blinds.

  15. What is your Dressed Perimeter?The dressed perimeter is a refinement at the edge of the sealed unit that not only makes an integral blind look smarter and more residential, but also deals with issues such as gaps in mechanical joints of the side frame profiles and head rails as well are the dappling effect that is normal for integral blinds from time to time where the glass and profiles coming into contact. see Video 1 - see video 2 - See Video 3.

  16. Can we see your blinds anywhere to try them out at first hand before we order? Yes you may visit our factory which is centrally located at Exhall which is just off J3 of the M6 to view them. Visiting hours are 9am till 13:00 on Saturday mornings. There are also many other shows rooms around the UK and Eire where you can see our Between Glass Blinds system on display.

  17. Are your Integrated Blinds argon filled? Yes our units are argon filled. Argon is used to fill our units as it is a better insulator than air.

  18. We need simple cheap integral blinds for a factory office... Do you sell integral blinds without the Dressed Perimeter Yes we do. While most of our output each year is for the residential market where people routinely demand our refinements such as the dressed perimeter we do recognise there is still a demand for bog standard bare bones integral blinds for low grade projects such as factory offices or industrial buildings where the more refined finishing option are not needed. Please be aware though that the dressed perimeter does deal with issues such as artifacts where the glass and profiles touch and also gaps in the joints between the side profiles and headrails. If you wish to use the non-dressed product for residential projects please ask us for details of these elements prior to ordering if quality of appearance is critical and likely to cause dissatisfaction.

  19. Are your Between Glass Blinds ok with bifold doors? Yes when you order integral blinds for Bifold doors you should tell us as we offer a special reduced weight system that is specially optimised and designed for use with bifold doors systems of all types. Being lighter weight is important as it extends the life of the gearing on the Bifold doors and prevents damage that can be caused by integral blind systems that are not optimised.

  20. I would like to view your Facebook page... can I have the link pls. Like our Facebook:

  21. I would like to follow you on Twitter, what is your Twitter account? Follow us on TWITTER: Follow Us - @IntegralBlinds

  22. I have integral Blinds that my supplier is telling my are genuine SwiftGlide Integral Blinds. How can I confirm this for certain? Is there any way I can tell they are real SwiftGlide? Yes there is, as from March 2017 all our integral blinds with few exceptions carry our branding in the form of an internal label on the right hand side of the gravity bar on our raise and lower product and on our headrail on the tilt only product.

    Our labels if you want to measure then ought measure 70mm in width and 6mm in height and are either white or black depending on the blind colour.

    The control cases carry the branding also. This should not be removed as it will invalidate the warranty.

    You may request that we put the branding on the gravity bar on the outer face rather than the inner face.

  23. Do I have to have all the optional items such as MagStops, Enhanced SwiftGlide Controls and Colour Matched Controls? No they are optional so you don't have to have them. However most people do have them and in fact it is very rare that an order leaves our factory without them.

  24. What is the fully dressed system? Best watch these videos here-
    VIDEO 1: Click Here...
    VIDEO 2: Click here...
    VIDEO 3: Click Here...
    Hi Res Photo 1: Click Here... Jet Black Fully Dressed Integral Blinds with a concealed slat stack so our integral blinds withdraw up out of view...
  25. What is the default colour for the side profile on magnet operated units with dressed perimeter option?The default colour side profile on cream, white and beige coloured blinds is white whilst on the two silver slat colours and also on limestone grey the side profile is light grey.

  26. What is the default colour for the magnet controls with dressed perimeter option?The default colour for the magnet controls when the dressed perimeter is selected on all orders from September 2019 is white for white, cream and beige slatted blinds whilst on silvers and limestone grey the control colour will be light grey.
    This is a feature we will change in 2021 then you will be able to order colour match controls for many popular dressed perimeter colour options.

  27. Do you recommend what you call standard bare bones integral blinds for residential projects? Generally whilst we will sell non dressed integral blinds for residential projects we always recommend the fully dressed products we offer for these as the dressed integral blinds look smarter and address issues that cause dissatisfaction at times on the non-dressed product.

  28. The onus is on the trade customer or the customer to do their homework before buying and ask us for our advice if quality of appearance is mission critical to their project and we would always advise them. Trade suppliers have a duty to check with their customer as to their precise requirements and to carefully steer then to the best product for them. We have a very extensive YouTube channel that shows all the options and makes clear that the fully dressed option resolves age old issues residential clients may not quite like.

Manufactured inside double glazed sealed units.

Our integral blinds are available in a choice of double glazed sealed units including with toughened safety glass as well as of course low emissivity glazing as well as FD30, FD30-30, FD60 FD60-60 fire rated and various acoustic glass up to and over 50db (Rw).