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Magnet Operated or Solar Battery or 24 Volt Automated - App / Voice Controlled - Venetian or Blackout : See latest Integral Blinds Video 

Our exclusive SwiftGlide Fully Dressed Integral Blinds are The UK's smartest & most attractive Integral Blinds as they can be very smartly fully raised entirely out of view.

The Worlds Smartest Integral Blinds that raise up out of view... Only from Us.

For those who like seriously nice kit in their lives, our unqiue fully dressed integral blinds with Border Detail option creating the most modern and contemporary styling is an absolute must.

Integral Blinds operated by remote control or switch at Monkston in Milton Keynes

Integral Blinds operated by remote control or switch at Monkston in Milton Keynes

An additional feature of the dressed perimeter enable us provide integral blinds that can be raised up fully out of view within an optional deeper pocket at the top that is proportional to the height of the sealed unit.

Integrated Blinds manufactured and installed by us at Moss Lane Pinner

Integrated Blinds manufactured and installed by us at Moss Lane Pinner in 2021 along with an Origin Global Bifold Door.

We also commissioned the 24 volt electronics including the wall switch and the remote control.

Allowing the blinds to stack out of view like this creates a much tidier and smarter look on your integral blinds.


The blinds on this project withdraw up entirely out of view behind an optional deeper pocket at the top. This is called a 'concealed stack'. You would generally go for the concealed stack option on taller door height units where the blinds would be raised every day

Those who prefer not to raise the blinds every day would probably go for the dressed perimeter option but with an unconcealed stack"

The dressed perimeter is in iron grey with a dove grey border detail.

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  • Magnet Operated or Automated

    Notice our unique Fully Dressed perimeter... it is available nowhere else...

    This is a project we supplied nr Marlow in Buckinghamshire where we supplied both the bifold door frame as well as the integral blinds sealed units

    We also organised the installation of the Bifold door which is a 6 panel Origin Global frame in 3+3 format.

    The colours chosen by the home owners are Ral 7016 Anthracite dark grey frames, Limestone Grey Venetian Slats in the integrated blinds with a jet black fully dressed perimeter with a concealed stack so the blinds withdrawn up totally out of view.

    The glass units are high performance argon gas filled units with Planitherm total + Low Emissivity glass inner pane with a Self-Cleaning Solar Control Privacy glass outer pane

    Good to look at as well as look through...

    Integral Blinds Ltd believe that Integral Blinds sealed units ought be good to look at as well as look through.

    No other integral blind supplier can give you integral blinds that look as attractive and as smart. This is because our Integral Blinds come with an optional fully dressed perimeter that conceals the side frame profiles, the headrails of the integral blinds inside the sealed units as well as the mechanical joints. They have neat little radial corners on all four colours.  

    Ultra Low Profile Integral Blinds Inside Ultra High Performance Double Glazing

    SwiftGlide Integrated Blinds between glass blinds installed into oak window frames in Bury St Edmunds

    Integral Blinds installed in Bury St Edmunds in Norfolk


    28mm Intergral Blinds double interstitial blinds sealed units with Saint Gobain Bioclean natura outer pane and planitherm total + inner pane with a uvalue of 1.0

    28mm Intergral Blinds Sealed Units

    Case Study 1: Integral Blinds Retrofit Project (Solar Battery Remote Controlled:

    Storrington in West Sussex

    Solar Battery Integral Blinds

    Notice the dressed perimeter with concealed stack on these integral blinds. Shown here retrofitted into a Scheuco Door and Windows.

    Automated Motorised Integral Blinds

    The sealed units are high performance argon filled with an upgraded outer pane to advanced four season - four function glass.

    Integral Blinds for Bifold doors

    Powered by Solar Electric - Operated by smart touch and remote controlled. Shown here retrofitted into a Scheuco Bifold Door.

    Integral Blinds for sliding doors

    Shown here retrofitted into a Scheuco Sliding Door.

    Integrated blinds powered by solar electric and operated by smart touch and remote control. All inside high performance argon filled double glazed sealed units.

    Installed into existing Schuco frames by in 2021 at Vera's Walk in Storrington, West Sussex.


    Case Study 2: Our Integrated Blinds @ Bons Secours Hospital Construction:

    Cork in Ireland

    Integral Blinds in Ireland by Integral Blinds Ltd in Coventry UK

    SwiftGlide Integral Blinds in Ireland


    Integral Blinds healthcare construction Projects


    SwiftGlide Integral Blinds in Irish Republic


    SwiftGlide Integral Blinds in Ireland


    SwiftGlide Integral Blinds in Ireland

    Each year we supply many residential, Commercial and healthcare sector construction and retrofit projects with SwiftGlide Integral Blinds in the Republic of Ireland.

    Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Killarney are places we routinely deliver to using our own delivery vehicles that travel over via Holyhead to Dublin.

    Recently we have completed a residential installation near Rossbeigh Beach near Ross Point in Kerry as well as the supply of fire rated and acoustic Integral Blinds Sealed units for a major new hospital construction in Cork.


    The stunning Edwardian home of an interior designer on the outskirts of Mansfield was the setting for a newly constructed orangery where the home owners gave great thought to the colour scheme of the integral blinds.

    With a cream and black colour scheme running through part of the ground floor of the property it was decided to go against the routine choice of identical perimeter frame and slat colour by contrasting black and cream for the integral blind sealed units that were to be glazed into cream coloured hardwood frames.

    As you can see the effect was nothing short of stunning.

    Beige Grey venetian integral blinds with a fully dressed perimeter in jet black...

    Do you see the optional deeper pocket at the top of these integrated blinds that the slat stack withdraws into when fully raised? Very tidy... very smart indeed... and totally unique to us.

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    Our Integrated Blinds Factory

    Integral Blinds Ltd - Factory and Offices Located on a High Prestige Eco Park

    Integral Blinds Ltd - New Factory & offices

    In keeping with being the de-facto UK market leaders for integral blinds and also the need to expand our production and administrative floorspace to build capacity for ever increasing demand and also to take on upcoming new integral blind products, Integral Blinds Ltd are pleased to announce we have now relocated to a brand new high specification business premises.

    Situated close to major motorway corridors and arterial routes across the southern United Kingdom... with easy reach onto all northern routes the location will assist us in maintaining average & typical product lead times of 15 to 28 working days for most orders of typical sealed unit format and construction.

    Increased Capacity for integral blind production in state of the art factory.


    You can ask to visit our factory...

    Boasting a floor space of over 5000 square feet this Breem "Excellent" rated building situated on a prestigious new Eco Park has enabled us to ramp up integral blind production in a purpose commissioned production space of the highest clinical standards allowing us to produce integral blind sealed units of hitherto unheard of quality and excellence using brand new modern machinery and plant including a six brush glass wash.

    New Integral Blind System Product Migrations

    The move to this factory and location enabled Integral Blinds Ltd to significantly ramp up production capacity and make important product production migrations to exciting new integral blind systems

    Better Products, Better Quality and Better Service

    All of us at Integral blinds Ltd have found that our factory and location has enabled us to set the bar ever higher for service and product as we continue to move forward in leading the integral blind market in the UK as the market continues to develop and expand.

    Our Fully Dressed Perimeter... Unique to us... available from no one else

    The dressed perimeter is an optional refinement that was exclusively developed in response to extensive market research and detailed customer feedback.

    It is a permanent dressing inside the glass integrated blinds sealed unit at the perimeter that is designed to dress and conceal the internal side profiles the Cordless & Wandless magnet operated integral blind systems have as well as the head rail at the very top.

    As a further design option we can by extending the dressing at the top to have a deeper pocket also conceal the raised slat stack entirely out of view also.

    This makes for a much smarter and much tidier looking integral blinds project. Alternatively, you may wish for it just to conceal the headrail and side profiles.

    Our fully dressed perimeter option is available with a huge choice of over 100 High Definition colours and you can have different colours inside and out if you wish. Colour swatches are available on request.

    The fully dressed perimeter is an upgrade option also available on our cord and wand operated interstitial blinds as well as on both our automated integrated blind systems ie: Solar battery motorised integral blinds and our 24 volt hard wired systems operated by remote control, switch or app control.

    We advise residential projects always use our fully dressed option as it has a higher quality appearance devoid of the issues associated with the standard bare bones design. Commercial or low grade projects such as factory offices may be happy using the bog standard bare bones systems without any perimeter dressing. You should always check with us if unsure.


    Simply email us your full postal address and ask for us to send you our complimentary colour swatch sets.

    Whatever colour you choose for your integral blinds project our fully dressed SwiftGlide integral blinds double glazed and triple glazed sealed units are always the very best solar shading & privacy blinds for your windows, sliding doors and bifold doors project.

    And don't forget our integral blinds are the UK's only Integral Blinds fully optimised for Bifold Doors.

    Our SwiftGlide Integral Blinds are the only Fully Symmetrical and Fully Featured Integral Blinds in the UK.

    integral blinds in a bifold door in sunderland

    Venetian slats are off white with a jet black fully dressed perimeter. The concealed stack option was not selected by the clients for these as they felt they would rarely be raised.

    Our fuly dressed SwiftGlide Integral Blinds are the only fully symmetrical and fully featured between glass blinds available anywhere worldwide.

    Fully symmetrical means that our fully dressed between glass integral blinds have an internal perimeter inside the double glazed sealed unit on both sides as well as top and bottom. We feel this is important as it serves to create balance.

    By fully featured we mean that our integral blind system is available with a full range of unique features, innovations and improvements not supplied by anyone else. These include our unique SwiftGlide Enhanced Magnet Controls . Even the glass we use is better... Ultra High Clarity Low reflection Glass as standard with an additional upgrade option of Four Season... Four Function glass on the outer pane.

    Other unique optional features include our colour matched controls that match exactly the colour of the perimeter frame inside the glass over which they operate as well as minimal apertures for optimal blackout.

    We also manufacture Fire Rated 30 Minute to 60 Minute Integral Blinds Sealed Units

    Often for commercial and healthcare sector construction projects. Usually using glass such as Pyrobel E130 or Pyrobel EI60.

    Royal Navy at HMS Collingwood have our Magnet operated Integral Blinds with Pyrobel fire rated glass.

    HMS Collingwood has a first rate & prestigious new IT Building constructed by Mansell Construction.

    When it came time to choosing integral blinds and fire rated glass for the development, they naturally gravitated to our magnet operated integral blinds and Pyrobel 60 Minute fire rated sealed units.

    The integral blinds we supplied at HMS Collingwood are magnet operated

    SwiftGlide is a trading brand of Integral Blinds Ltd

    SwiftGlide is a trading brand first coined by Integral Blinds Ltd in 2010 for the marketing and sale of Integral Blinds Sealed units and Daylight control solutions.

    We are aware of ongoing issues with other integral blind suppliers using the name to market and pass off integral blinds not made by us as genuine SwiftGlide product.

    Genuine SwiftGlide integral blinds as from 2020 now all carry a SwiftGlide badge on the gravity bar within each unit.

    See Video: Customers will know if you pass off any other integral blind system as SwiftGlide