Black Is Back - Jet Black SwiftGlide Integral Blinds with a Jet Black Fully Dressed Perimeter
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For the Ultimate touch of class jet black integral blinds in a jet black fully dressed perimeter are without equal.

Our exclusive SwiftGlide Fully Dressed Integral Blinds are the UK's smartest & most attractive Integral Blinds where they can be very smartly fully raised entirely out of view.

Daylight Control with Style

Magnet Operated or Automated

Fully Dressed Integral Blinds in an Origin Global Bifold door

Pure jet black integral blinds with a jet black dressed perimeter... unique to us... available from nowhere else

Good to look at as well as look through...

Integral Blinds Ltd believe that Integral Blinds sealed units ought to be good to look at as well as look through.

No integral blind supplier can give you integral blinds that look as attractive and as smart. This is because our Integral Blinds come with an optional fully dressed perimeter that conceal the side frame profiles, the headrails of the integral blinds inside the sealed units as well as the mechanical joints. They have neat little radial corners on all four colours.

Ultra Low Profile Integral Blinds Inside Ultra High Performance Double Glazing


Daylight Control With Style


Daylight Control with Style


Daylight Control With Style


Daylight Control with Style

Our Jet Black Fully Dressed Perimeter... Unique to us... available from no one else

The Jet Black fully dressed perimeter is an optional refinement that was exclusively developed in response to extensive market research and detailed customer feedback.

It is a permanent dressing at the perimeter of the double or triple glazed sealed units containing our integral blinds that is designed to dress and conceal the internal side profiles the Cordless & Wandless magnet operated integral blind systems have as well as the head rail at the very top.

As a further design option we can by extending the dressing at the top to have a deeper pocket also conceal the raised slat stack entirely out of view also.

This makes for a much smarter and much tidier looking integral blinds project. Alternatively, you may wish for it just to conceal the headrail and side profiles.

Our fully dressed perimeter option is available with a huge choice of over 100 High Definition colours and you can have different colours inside and out if you wish. Colour swatches are available on request...

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Black... Synonymous with Class

Black is such a great colour for integral blinds as it is visually neutral and never competes with the view for the attention of the eye.

With its unassailable and understated elegance instilling an aura of luxury on any home extension or glazing project...

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