Swiftglide Corldess & Wandless Integral blinds are such a practical and fantastic innovation that everyone in the Glass & Integral Blind business wishes they thought of them first.

integrated blinds by the brand leader in integral sealed unit blinds

With slats less than 0.9mm thick and only the slightest of cambers (degree of curve) necessary our SwiftGlide Ultra Slim range represents the lowest profile integral blind system available anywhere.

Integral Blinds should be there but not seen...

Take a look at the photo on the left... notice how discrete the blinds actually are even though they are fully lowered.

They are so low profile that they become barely visible as the eye focuses beyond them to the view beyond. This is why so many people buy our unique SwiftGlide Ultra system... because they believe like us that integral blinds should be there but not seen even when lowered.

No wands... Cords... strings... or ropes... or fiddly knobs.

Remember the mashed get smashed advert from the 1970's? Showing our age now but yes we do.. with the aliens laughing at the olde fashioned potato peeler.

Well thats how all of us at Integral Blinds Ltd think about the cord, wand, string and rope system integral blinds.

With our discrete magnet operated integral blinds that zip up and down beautifully inside the glass things have now thankfully moved on from having to have a home or office full of strings and ropes hanging down from every window and door.

Child Safe & Pet Proof

And of course this makes them child safe & pet proof as well as hassle free. No more cords to get dirty jammed or frayed. And for the installers no more phone calls from upset customers requiring service calls. Good news all round we are sure you will all agree.

Integral Blinds that are fast to operate

SwiftGlide Integral Blinds are called SwiftGlide for a good reason.

The workout involved in operated the olde fashioned string and rope integral blind systems in well known and lamented. Many are familiar how you used to have to pull the cord and watch the blind move up a few inches inside the glass.

Pull it some more and watch it move up some more inches. Eventually you get it to the top... and if you ain't lost the will to live then... you will do when you look along your row of bifolds or around your office and see all the other blinds that need raising or lowering.

Not even Bradley Wiggins or Tour de France and Olympic fame has got the stamina to raise and lower cord operated integral blinds without wishing he and never started.

Thing no longer have to be like that anymore... With our Swiftglide integral blinds system you simply move the discreet magnet and watch the blinds zip up and down in an instant insdie the glass as if by magic. We are convinced... our system is the most rapid raising and lowering integral blind system anywhere.

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Manufactured inside double glazed sealed units.

Our integral blinds are available in a choice of double glazed sealed units including with toughened safety glass as well as of course low emmissivity glazing as well as FD30, FD30-30, FD60 FD60-60 fire rated and various acoustic glass up to and over 50db (Rw).