Our exclusive SwiftGlide Fully Dressed Integral Blinds are The UK's smartest & most attractive Integral Blinds where they can be very smartly fully raised entirely out of view.

Integral Blinds in jet black dressed perimeterIntegral Blinds Ltd believe that Integral Blinds ought be good to at as well as look through.

No integral blind supplier can give you integral blinds that look as attractive and as smart as ours come with an optional fully dressed perimeter that conceal the side frame profiles, the headrails of the integral blinds inside the sealed units as well as the mechanical joints. They have neat little radial corners on all four colours... inside and out.

Optionally the dressed perimeter can be made to conceal the raised slat stack entirley out of view also. This makes for a much smarter and much tidier looking integral blinds project.

Our fully dressed perimeter option is available with a huge choice of over 100 High Definition colours and you can have a differnt colour inside and out if you wish. Colour swatches are available on request...
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Whatever colour you choose for your integral blinds project our fully dressed SwiftGlide integral blinds double glazed and triple glazed sealed units are always the very best solar shading & privacy blinds for your windows, sliding doors and bifold doors project. And don't forget our integral blinds are the UK's only Integral Blinds fully optimised for Bifolding Doors.

SwiftGlide Integral Blinds with Unique Concealed Stack

Magnet operated integral blinds and fire rated glass at HMS Collingwood supplied by Integral Blinds Ltd.

Our fully dressed integral blinds are different from all the standard bare bones integral blinds on the UK market in that our unique dressed perimetre conceals not only the side frames profiles, headrail, bottom rail and mechanical joints but optionally also conceals the raised Venetian slats that stack at the top of the unit that some people find untidy and something that if possible ought be kept out of view.

This makes our fully dressed integral blinds the only integral blinds available that are designed well and truly for residential windows and doors where the standard bare bones integral blinds available elsewhere tend to look undressed and somewhat clinical or commercial.

Available for our cordless & wandless magnet operated integral blinds as well our our solar battery and electric remote control between glass blinds in a choices of hundreds of colours with the option of having a different colour inside and out.

Fully dressed integral blinds like many of our options are exclusive to Integral Blinds Ltd and are available no where else.

This short video on our Integral Blinds facebook pages discusses and demonstrates this option as well as some others in detail.

VIDEO: Fully Dressed Integral Blind System Upgrade SEE VIDEO:

Our Hightech Integral Blinds @ Edwardian Orangery - Mansfield - Yes you can mix and match our integral blind colours


The stunning Edwardian home of an interior designer on the outskirts of Mansfield was the setting for a newly constructed orangery where the home owners gave great thought to the colour scheme of the integral blinds.

With a cream and black colour scheme running through part of the ground floor of the property it was decided to go against the routine choice of identical perimeter frame and slat colour by contrasting black and cream for the integral blind sealed units that were to be glazed into cream coloured hardwood frames.

As you can see the effect was nothing short of stunning.

Integral blinds without silly wands and cords hanging down all over the window

Video - Click here to view Integral Blinds video 1.

Video 2: What do we mean when we say our Swiftglide Integral Blinds are the only fully featured fully symmetrical integral blinds available in the UK.

Our SwiftGlide Integral Blinds are the only Fully Symmetrical and Fully Featured Integral Blinds in the UK.

Hitech Blinds for Bifold Doors

Rest assured that SwiftGlide Integral Blinds are the only fully symmetrical and fully featured between glass blinds available in the UK & Ireland.

Fully Symmetrical means the our between glass integral blinds have an internal perimeter frame inside the double glazed sealed unit on both sides as well as top and bottom. This is important as it serves to create a balanced integral blind installation and view.

By fully featured we mean that our integral blind system is available with a full range of unique features, innovations and improvements not supplied by anyone else. These include our unique SwiftGlide Enhanced Magnet Controls and our solid Glass Magstops. Even the glass we use is better... Ultra High Clarity Low Glass.

Other unique features include our colour matched controls that match exactly the colour of the perimetre frame inside the glass over which they operate as well as minimal apertures for optimal blackout.

Royal Navy at HMS Collingwood have our Magnet operated Integral Blinds with Pyrobel fire rated glass.

Magnet operated integral blinds and fire rated glass at HMS Collingwood supplied by Integral Blinds Ltd.

HMS Collingwood has a first rate & prestigious new IT Building constructed by Mansell Construction.

When it came time to choosing integral blinds and fire rated glass for the development they naturally gravitated to our magnet operated cordless integral blinds and Pyrobel 60 Minute fire rated sealed units.

With the integral blinds at HMS Collingwood being magnet operated there are no old fashioned unsightly wands or cords hanging down. Just two discrete magnets either side on each unit. One that tilts the aluminium blades and the other that swiftly raises and lowers the blinds.

With our choice of 16 colours the Royal Navy predictably plumbed for a stunning metallic blue which combined with the satin units we also supplied makes for a truelly attractive partitioning solution.

Premier Interlink (Waco UK Ltd) choose our SwiftGlide Integral Blinds for a prestigious development at Edinburgh Castle.

Our Integral Blinds chosen for Edinburgh Castle

Integral Blinds Ltd are delighted to have had our Cordless & Wandless Integral sealed unit blinds selected by Premier Interlink (Waco UK Ltd) for the Corporate Hospitality Suite at Edinburgh Castle.

The factors made our SwiftGlide integral blinds ideal.

  • Our SwiftGlide integral blinds were the only ones in the UK available in a colour to match the frames being used.

  • Premier Interlink were on a tight deadline and needed swift and timely delivery.

  • They needed a system that used no wands or cords or knobs to operate the blinds so our discrete magnet operated blinds were spot on.

  • Had to be fully functional... Tilt + Raise & Lower.
  • Have you got an integral blind project you would like to discuss with us? Call Integral Blinds Ltd now. Telephone: 0800 610 2 610

    100 of our SwiftGlide Integral Blinds chosen for Atlantic Contracts Ltd new London HQ

    Atlantic Contracts Ltd order our Integral Blinds for new London Head office - Borehamwood

    SwiftGlide Integral Blinds are the prime go to solution for many office fit out projects around the UK for a whole array of reasons.

    First of all our SwiftGlide Integral between glass Blinds are hightech blinds that are available with both fire rated and acoustic glass which is often used for many internal office fit out projects.

    We supply both magnet or electric remote control integral blinds inside fire glass of all types including FD30, FD60 and FD90.

    Our SwiftGlide Integral Blinds are also available with acoustic glass upto 55dB (rW).

    Attack resistant glass such at 19mm Pyrosec is something we can also incorporate into our integrated between glass blinds double glazed sealed units.

    With our unique fully dressed perimeter that raises the appearance of any integral blind project to beyond the next level you can be sure to create the most attractive office space possible for your office fit out project.

    We very much look forward to working with Atlantic Contracts again on other Integral Blind projects in the future.

    Have you got an integral blind project you would like to discuss with us? Call Integral Blinds Ltd now. Telephone: 0800 610 2 610

    Our SwiftGlide Integral Sealed Unit Blinds orders typically turned around in 15 to 23 working days or less.

    We turn most UK integral blinds orders around in 15 to 28 working days. Some items like remote control integral blinds or motorised will take longer. Contact Us with the details or your integral blinds project and we will give you a definite lead time as well as price.

    Likewise, overseas integral blinds orders will usually require slightly longer lead times. Allow for timely delivery of your blinds by ordering early in your project life-cycle.

    The fluid functionality and Snagless operation that makes our Integral sealed unit blinds so good

    sunshade integrated integral blinds by the brand leader in integral sealed unit blindsPrimarily, it is the quality materials and robust mechanism that has been rigorously tested and put through the most demanding and stringent of paces.

    Using a steel control mechanism to manoeuvre the ladder system that carries the aluminium slats means that the product is durable to wear and tear strong enough to remain rigid whilst enjoying the accolade of being the slimmest and most visually pleasing integrated blind system on the world market today.

    Our control mechanism and ingeniously designed ladder system using carefully selected materials ensures a truly Snagless and fluid movement of our integral blinds whether you are raising and lowering the blind or tilting for the entire lifetime of the product.

    See Integral Blinds video 1.

    Manufactured inside double glazed sealed units.

    Our integral blinds are available in a choice of double glazed sealed units including with toughened safety glass as well as of course low emissivity glazing as well as FD30, FD30-30, FD60 FD60-60 fire rated and various acoustic glass up to and over 50db (Rw).